Carte Blanche Service at Los Angeles CDJR

Carte Blanche Service at Los Angeles CDJR

There are lots of ways that Los Angeles CDJR tries to pass savings and opportunities on to our customers, but nothing does it better than the Carte Blanche service. Carte Blanche service is designed to use information from your vehicle to determine what your future service intervals should be, saving you the hassle of scheduling out multiple service intervals, and saving our service department on costs that we can pass on to you. The Carte Blanche system allows us to use information from your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle to stock only the necessary parts and fluids your vehicle will need for each interval, resulting in a reduction of waste of resources and parts.


Carte Blanche Membership Terms at Los Angeles CDJR

One of the biggest pulls of our Carte Blanche service is that there are absolutely no mileage limitations. Regardless of if you’re driving your vehicle for business or personal purposes, our Carte Blanche membership is accessible at any time. After six months, you will unlock the entire Carte Blanche membership benefits, with some benefits becoming available immediately upon activation. If you should decide that the Carte Blanche membership isn’t quite for you, you may cancel at any time – that’s how confident we are you will love our Carte Blanche membership. The Carte Blanche service is not available for use at other service centers, as the benefits derived from smarter inventory systems mean that it only works in one location.

Everything Included in the Carte Blanche Membership Service at Los Angeles CDJR

Our Carte Blanche service provides you with no-charge oil filter service whenever your vehicle needs it. We provide no-charge tire rotation at all of your determined service intervals, a 5% discount on all maintenance and repair work, no-charge annual wiper blade replacement, no-charge annual air filter service, and no-charge multi-point inspection and fluid top offs. These no-charge services and discounts add up to major savings the longer that you participate in the Carte Blanche program.

Vehicle Tracking Not Required in the Carte Blanche Program

We respect our customers’ desire for privacy, and thus we do not perform vehicle tracking of any kind in the Carte Blanche service. Our certified technicians utilize only your vehicle’s mileage at your service intervals to predict your future service needs.

Combine Carte Blanche Service with Our Certified Service and OEM Parts

Our certified Mopar technicians are trained to handle any and all issues that may arise with your Mopar vehicle. Our genuine Mopar parts are designed specifically to fit your vehicle, and combining them with our certified service protects your warranty from subpar work you may find elsewhere. Schedule your service online today, and see all of the benefits you will receive when you put together our certified service and genuine Mopar parts with the Carte Blanche service offered at Los Angeles CDJR.

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