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Tires are subjected to variable environmental conditions, pressures, and driving factors. Front tires also handle more weight and steering pressures than the rear tires, complicating tire wear patterns and rotation strategies. Tires positioned in the front will experience inconsistent weight and steering pressure to make them wear unevenly. By rotating the tires, pressure intensity can be spread across the tires evenly over time to create an even wear pattern. The good news is that even tire wear provides you with significant cost savings because your tires will last longer.

How to Know that I need My Tires Rotated?

Sometimes a visual inspection of your vehicle’s tires will show a problem. Uneven tire wear is the telltale sign that you need Tire Rotation Service. The key problem is that do-it-yourself inspections can identify a problem, but then how will you develop the best tire rotation strategy to make sure future tire wear is even?

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Tire Rotation Service with an Expert Technician

This is the value of having expert tire rotation service with a certified technician: they can inspect your tires AND develop the best tire rotation strategy. Only certified technicians have the advanced training to identify the cause of uneven wear and then select the optimum tire rotation strategy. Moving tires around with a random do-it-yourself technique is discouraged because it can actually cause tires to wear out faster and will eventually cause a preventable safety risk with a tire blowout.

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At Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we strive to provide the most value for our customers with each Tire Rotation Service. That is why every Tire Rotation Service is comprehensive and proactive. Comprehensive and proactive service means that we will inspect all components related to steering and handling to catch minor problems before they become major repairs. All Tire Rotation Service includes tire inspection, tire rotation, air pressure check & adjustment, and brake line inspection. Schedule an appointment today at Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to have one of our certified technicians provide you with Tire Rotation Service.

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