The “Maintenance-Free” Myth 

LA Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on the Maintenance Free Myth

We know from being in the automotive business for years that a common misconception exists surrounding new vehicles. We call it the “maintenance free” myth as there are folks out there that believe new automobiles will not need maintenance, especially during the year or two after purchase. Although Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles are reliable, they are essentially mechanical computers on wheels that still have countless moving parts requiring maintenance. The reality is that all vehicles need maintenance and benefit from certified service by experts that understand the maintenance professionally.


Every Vehicle Has a Maintenance Schedule to Follow

Today, every vehicle on the road was purchased from a dealership with an owner’s booklet neatly positioned in the glove box. The owner’s manual has a maintenance schedule detailing what services should be completed and at specific mileages. The fact that every vehicle has scheduled maintenance is all of the evidence that we need to refute the wishful thinking surrounding the maintenance-free myth. Rest assured that all vehicles rely on mechanics and will need some maintenance along the way. Choosing to neglect maintenance is choosing to limit your vehicle’s life.

Popular Maintenance Services at LA Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Some maintenance services are more popular because they target essential components with shorter service lives due to their design and job. Here are some of the most popular maintenance services proven to help drivers get the most out of their vehicle for longer:

Why Genuine Mopar Service is Best

Now that we know that every vehicle requires routine maintenance to achieve optimal performance and longer-lasting life, you will be interested in knowing that getting the best service will improve these goals. If you drive a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicle, the best maintenance services that you can get are from the dealership with a Mopar certified service department. This will ensure that your vehicle’s maintenance is completed by certified Mopar technicians with genuine Mopar OEM parts according to strict quality standards.

Schedule Routine Maintenance at LA Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Today!

We operate a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram authorized dealership serving Los Angeles with Mopar certified maintenance services. When you need the best service for your vehicle, you should bring it to us for the best. You can schedule your service online or give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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