Tie Rod End Replacement Service 

Tie Rod End Service in Los Angeles

Simple in design and vital to vehicle steering, the tie rod end is the steering component that connects to the wheel’s steering knuckle. Mostly out of sight and out of mind, you probably won’t ever think about the condition and performance of the tire rod ends on your vehicle until there is a problem.

At Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we usually explain the tire rod end as a ball joint that can pivot as necessary when the vehicle turns a corner. The tie rod end is generally very durable and might last the entire life of a vehicle; however, certain driving factors can cause them to wear out or get damaged. When a tie rod end develops excessive wear or damages, it can cause warning signs from minor issues, to a vehicle that can’t steer at all. If your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram car, truck, van, or SUV requires Tie Rod Replacement Service, we invite you to our Service Department for unsurpassed service.

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Warning Signs of a Faulty Tie Rod End

When a tie rod ends develop excessive wear or gets damaged, the warning signs might range from nearly undetectable to obvious. If you notice any of the warning signs, it is a safety concern because these problems never get better as they only worsen to become reliability and safety risks. If you have any of the warning signs of a faulty tie rod end, it is an excellent decision to protect passenger safety with service. Here are the most common warning signs related to a faulty tie rod end:

  • Misaligned front wheels
  • Excessive or uneven tire tread wear
  • The steering wheel is loose or unresponsive
  • Clunking sound while cornering
  • Vibration in the steering wheel

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Replacing Your Tie Rod End

A Tie Rod End Replacement features one of our Certified Mopar Technicians and genuine OEM Mopar Parts from our Parts Department. The expert technician will remove the old faulty tie rod end and install a new OEM Mopar tie rod end to restore peak performance at factory specifications.

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