Improving Fuel Economy 

Tips On Improving Fuel Economy From LA Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

One of our many jobs is to help our customers get more value out of their vehicles. We have organized several tips for improving your vehicle’s fuel economy that will reduce operational cost, help save money, and get more value out of your vehicle. If you could use professional help in implementing these recommendations, we are here to assist with the maintenance service needed.

What is Fuel Economy?

Fuel economy is also called gas mileage and fuel efficiency. It is a measure of the amount of fuel needed to travel a given distance. Fuel economy is measured using gallons and miles in the United States and stated as a ratio (for example my car gets 30 miles per gallon). This means that the car traveled 30 miles while the engine consumed 1 gallon of fuel.


10 Tips to Increase Fuel Economy by 50%

By adjusting your driving style and getting a few maintenance services, you can increase your vehicle’s fuel economy. Here are 10 driving tips and maintenance requirements that you can use to audit your vehicle’s condition and your driving style to make the adjustments needed that will improve fuel efficiency and save you some money:

  1. Tires - Tires in good condition are essential for smooth driving, and few components can create resistance like the wrong inflation pressure and rapid tire wear. Be sure that your tires are in good condition and at the specified inflation pressure, detailed on the driver’s side doorjamb placard at the specified inflation pressure.
  2. Junk in the Trunk - Your vehicle requires more fuel to carry more weight. Be sure to remove the things from the trunk that you don’t need.
  3. Motor Oil - Using the recommended motor oil while having certified experts provide oil changes is an easy way to know that you are using the right oil with the thinnest viscosity.
  4. Wheel Alignment - With poor wheel alignment causing rapid tire wear, the engine to work harder, and reducing fuel efficiency, keeping wheels in alignment is an excellent way to promote fuel efficiency.
  5. Braking - Constantly riding the brakes or using a two-foot braking style reduces fuel efficiency. Be sure that you are using the proper braking technique and aren’t riding the brakes while driving.
  6. Engine Idling - Idling uses fuel, but you aren’t going anywhere. This is not only a waste of fuel but immediately decreased fuel efficiency.
  7. Air Filters - Dirty fuel filters make the engine work harder and decrease fuel efficiency. Be sure to replace filters at the recommended mileage or when clogged.
  8. Slow Down - Rapid acceleration is wasteful and consumes fuel faster. You might feel like you are getting there faster, but this reduces fuel economy and will cost you more in fuel expense.
  9. Fill Fuel Tank in the Morning - Fuel is denser when cool. By filling up in the morning or late at night, you can get denser fuel by volume.
  10. Tune-Up - Optimizing fuel induction with regular tune-ups helps prevent trouble and help the engine consume less fuel.

Fuel is the Greatest Operational Cost

Fuel is the greatest cash cost for the average vehicle accounting for 20-30% of total operational expenses. This is precisely why consumers have increasingly purchased fuel-efficient vehicles. Driving down costs by enhancing fuel efficiency is an easy way to save money on your vehicle’s operational cost.

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