Muffler Inspection & Replacement 

Muffler Inspection & Replacement in Los Angeles

The muffler is a vital exhaust system component responsible for reducing engine noise while also helping guide toxic fumes away from the vehicle and out the tailpipe. The inner workings of the muffler are physically complex as it needs to trap sound but also needs to allow for toxic fumes to flow through freely.

At Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we provide unsurpassed muffler service guaranteed to restore a defective muffler to peak performance at factory specifications. Service begins with our Certified Mopar Technician performing an inspection and then depending upon the results, you can get the repair or replacement as needed to restore performance, efficiency, and environmental safety.

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Symptoms of a Muffler Problem

The condition of the muffler is not only required to muffle the engine noise, but it also needs to stay in good condition to guide toxic gasses away from the vehicle. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a muffler problem, we invite you to our service department to receive precisely what your vehicle needs:

  • Vehicle sounds louder than before
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Strange or bad smells – toxic fumes escaping the muffler
  • Muffler hangs closer to the ground than before

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What does Muffler Inspection & Replacement Include?

A muffler service features a highly skilled Certified Mopar Technician. The expert technician inspects the muffler to assess its physical condition. The inspection might reveal something simple like a broken hanger that needs replacement or muffler damage. No matter what the problem, we can provide the repair or replacement needed to restore factory specifications.

What concerns us most is a damaged muffler allowing engine noise and toxic gasses to escape. If the muffler cannot get repaired to restore factory specifications, it will need to be replaced with a Genuine OEM Mopar Part from our Part Department. Rest assured that the service will provide your vehicle with precisely what it needs to get back on the road with maximum efficiency and driving comfort.

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